Rules & Regulations

As provided and directed by the Board and the By-laws of HHHA, the Disciplinary Committee has the full power and authority to recommend to the Board any violations that have occurred and the resulting penalties which are contained in the provisions of the disciplinary policy and procedures. The HHHA Board shall have the final and ultimate authority in determining, levying and enforcing any and all penalties and disciplinary actions to its members. 

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Rules Established by the HHHA Board of Directors

A) All fees and dues will be paid by the mandatory deadlines. Failure to make payment by the mandatory deadlines will result in immediate suspension of the player, which includes his/her privileges to participate in practices and games.

B) Hyland Hills Jr. Hockey Association is a member of the Rocky Mountain Hockey Federation (RMHF), Colorado Recreational Hockey League (CRHL), Colorado Girls Hockey League (CGHL), Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), and USA Hockey. The HHHA and its members will abide by all rules of the RMHF, CRHL, CGHL, CAHA, and USA Hockey in addition to the HHHA rules.

C) HHHA will comply with Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, Rules and Regulations, Playing Rules, and decisions of CAHA and USA Hockey.

D) All HHHA coaches, players, volunteers, directors, and board members are required to register with USA Hockey.

E) All HHHA board members, directors, coaches, and volunteers that have regular contact with minors, and specific players must maintain current SafeSport training and background screening.

F) All HHHA approved teams will have a USAH 1-T roster or will comply with USAH and CAHA rules regarding rosters.

G) HHHA Coaches will be granted the authority to request player changes to his/her team roster throughout the hockey season and in accordance with the rules of USA Hockey, CAHA, and the RMHF. This includes player suspensions, player additions and subtractions. The appropriate HHHA Hockey Director and Board President, or its designee, will review all player movement prior to it being submitted to the HHHA registrar for official roster change. The Board of Directors grants members the privilege to contest such changes including a scheduled review of the roster change.

H) When selected to a RMHF team, players will be required to attend all scheduled practices, including dry land and/or any other mandatory team activities unless excused by the coach prior to the event taking place.

I) All players on competitive teams (AA, A, B) will travel and attend all in state and out-of-state games and tournaments per the RMHF guidelines. Players and parents understand and acknowledge their commitment to travel and their obligation to the team for which they are trying out for, and accepting selection to. The coaches in conjunction with the Hockey Director will select the tournaments the team will attend at the beginning of the season. Team members will contribute equally to ALL tournament fees.

J) The coaches' travel and lodging expenses will be the financial responsibility of each team. Team members will contribute equally.

K) Act appropriately and display good sportsmanship by showing a positive attitude toward the game and all of its participants. For additional information regarding player, spectator, coach and administrative behavioral responsibilities as defined by USA Hockey, please reference the USA Hockey Annual Guide.

L) HHHA and its Board of Directors will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse towards others. Physical harm, threats, verbal threats and/or abuse towards others will result in immediate disciplinary action by the Board of Directors in accordance with the HHHA "First and Final Warning" policy.

M) HHHA and its Board of Directors will notify the membership of rules, regulations, policies and /or procedures adopted during the season by posting on the association website.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is based upon the rules of the USA Hockey Association, the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association, the Rocky Mountain Hockey Federation, the Colorado Recreational Hockey League, the Colorado Girls Hockey League and the National Girls Hockey League. This list of words or actions constitutes a violation of the Code of Conduct of the Association and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Making physical contact with any player, coach, on-ice or off-ice official, association or league representative, arena personnel, spectator or parent.
  2. Taunting or threatening any player, coach, on-ice or off-ice official, association or league representative, arena personnel, spectator, or parent.
  3. Going onto the ice surface for any reason, unless directed by a coach or other official.
  4. Entering, or attempting to enter, the bench area during a game without proper authorization.
  5. Entering, or attempting to enter, the locker room of any opposing team or obstructing their access or exit from said room or arena. Opposing team shall be defined as any team other than the team for which the member(s) are involved.
  6. Entering, or attempting to enter, the locker room of any official or obstructing their access or exit from said room or arena.
  7. Using profane and/or vulgar language or mannerisms that is offensive to other persons.
  8. Making disparaging comments to, shouting at, arguing with a parent, manager, coach, player, referee, or off-ice officials during the course of a game or as they leave the ice or the arena.
  9. Throwing of any object onto the ice surface, into the player's area, or at another individual. Pounding or climbing on the glass.
  10. Defacing or damaging property belonging to any individual, team, association, or arena.
  11. Violating The Ice Centre at the Promenade Protocol, including, but not limited to:
  12. Damage to the facility and / or vandalism of any sort
  13. Theft of any kind
  14. Violation of the floor hockey rule
  15. Any violation of posted Ice Centre rules and regulations

13. Being involved with any activity that would warrant the summoning of law enforcement officials.

14. Entering the arena while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs or controlled substances.

15. Any violation of the “Zero-Tolerance” Alcohol, Drugs and Controlled Substances Policy.

16. Inciting other persons to become involved in any of the above listed activities.

17. Any other conduct deemed inappropriate by the officials, association or league representatives, Board members of HHHA, and arena personnel.

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