Disciplinary Committee

The Board of Directors has adopted the Disciplinary Policy to ensure that the members of the Association follow all rules.

It is the policy of the Hyland Hills Junior Hockey Association (HHHA and/or Association) that all of its Members, Employees, Coaches and any other individual participating in the activities of HHHA (referred to collectively as Member(s)) exhibit the qualities of good sportsmanship and civil behavior and abide by the Code of Conduct (Code) of HHHA.

It is the intent of HHHA to provide a fair and impartial review procedure to determine whether Members have been involved in misconduct while participating in activities sponsored by HHHA, USA Hockey, the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association or any other participating event. An individual is participating in sponsored activity if he or she is a spectator, a volunteer minor game official (time-keeper, score keeper/Gamesheet, penalty box official or other off-ice official), a player or coach of an HHHA team or in attendance at any event sponsored by HHHA.

When it is found that a Member has violated the HHHA Code of Conduct, SafeSport Code of Conduct, the "Zero Tolerance" Alcohol, Drugs, and Controlled Substances Policy, the 24 Hour Rule and/or the Rules and Regulations of HHHA, the Association will discipline the individual in accordance with the procedures and penalties set forth in the disciplinary policy and guidelines.

If you do not understand or have questions about any of these rules, it is your responsibility to get clarification or answers at the next available HHHA Board of Directors meeting or contact the Disciplinary Committee Chairperson.

Issues may be brought to the Committee's attention by Association Members, Executive Hockey Director, a member of the Board, an employee of the Association or any other Individual associated with any association(s), league(s) or arena in which HHHA participates. Notice of an issue must be reported within 10 days of the incident/violation. The Committee will initiate reviews of possible misconduct, conduct interviews to collect facts relative to an allegation, meet with persons with information regarding the issue to determine facts, and perform other duties as necessary to investigate allegations and make determinations as directed by the Board.

Please use the form below to report an incident.

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