HHHA Rules & Regulations


A) All fees and dues will be paid by the mandatory deadlines. Failure to make payment by the mandatory deadlines will result in immediate suspension of the player, which includes his/her privileges to participate in practices and games.

B) Hyland Hills Jr. Hockey Association is a member of the Colorado Competitive Youth Hockey League (CCYHL), Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), and USA Hockey. The HHHA and its members will abide by all rules of the CCYHL, CAHA, and USA Hockey in addition to the HHHA rules.

C) HHHA Coaches will be granted the authority to request player changes to his/her team roster throughout the hockey season and in accordance with the rules of USA Hockey, CAHA, and the CCYHL. This includes player suspensions, player additions and subtractions. The appropriate HHHA Hockey Director and Board President, or its designee, will review all player movement prior to it being submitter to the HHHA registrar for official roster change. The Board of Directors grants members the privilege to contest such changes including a scheduled review of the roster change.

D) When selected to a CCYHL or DNHL team, players will be required to attend all scheduled practices, including dry land and/or any other mandatory team activities unless excused by the coach prior to the event taking place.

E) All players on competitive teams (AA, A, B, C) will travel and attend all in state and out-of-state games and tournaments per the CCYHL guidelines. Players and parents understand and acknowledge their commitment to travel and their obligation to the team for which they are trying out for, and accepting selection to. The coaches in conjunction with the Hockey Director will select the tournaments the team will attend at the beginning of the season. Team members will contribute equally to ALL tournament fees.

F) The coaches’ travel and lodging expenses will be the financial responsibility of each team. Team members will contribute equally.

G) Act appropriately and display good sportsmanship by showing a positive attitude toward the game and all of its participants. For additional information regarding player, spectator, coach and administrative behavioral responsibilities as defined by USA Hockey, please reference the USA Hockey Annual Guide.

H) HHHA and its Board of Directors will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse towards others. Physical harm, threats, verbal threats and/or abuse towards others will result in immediate disciplinary action by the Board of Directors in accordance with the HHHA “First and Final Warning” policy.

I) HHHA and its Board of Directors will notify the membership of rules, regulations, policies and /or procedures adopted during the season by posting on the association website.