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When you decide to register, the first thing you need to do is email the Scrip Coordinator ( to request the HHHA's enrollment code.  When requesting the code, please include player(s) name and division (i.e., 8U, peewee). Once you have the enrollment code, go to and click REGISTER in the top right corner.  You will then want to click on JOIN A SCRIP PROGRAM (the left side).  Enter the enrollment code and click register.  When creating your account, make sure to allow access for email updates, as this will inform you of special increases in rebates, deals, discontinuations, reloadables, and new companies, etc. There are no spam emails sent. After you finish creating your account, click on DASHBOARD and scroll to the bottom and click on PRESTOPAY. Add your checking or savings account information.  There will then be two small deposits made into your checking or savings account within a few days.  View your checking or savings account to get those amounts and then go back to your HHHA scrip account, DASHBOARD, and PRESTOPAY to put those two amounts into the allotted space.  You will then receive an approval code.  Email that approval code to to activate your account.  Then you will be able to place your scrip order and pay via the website and/or MyScripWallet on your phone.


ALL Scrip orders must now be paid with PrestoPay.  No checks or cash will be accepted.  If you have not yet signed up for PrestoPay, please do so soon.  Keep in mind that it may take a few days for the account to be activated once you sign up.  You must send your approval code to in order for your account to be activated.


There is a $50.00 fee for each NSF with PrestoPay that HHHA will pass on to the family.

Scrip Schedule

Orders for plastic cards will be released at noon on the last day of the month.  Please make sure to verify and pay for your order with PrestoPay by this time.  Depending on the number of orders, we can add another release on the 15th of the month.  Email the HHHA Scrip Coordinator for specific release dates if needed.  All scrip orders must be ordered online and paid for with PrestoPay.  All orders are processed in one transaction, with one shipping fee ($8.50) that will be split evenly between each family who has placed an order for plastic cards.  Shipping fees will not apply for ScripNow! or Reloads.  The HHHA Scrip Coordinator will send you an email when the order is in with a schedule for pick-up times. There is a guarantee of delivery for orders within 7 business days.  Make sure to order accordingly.  All ScripNow! orders are available within minutes, and Reloads on your existing cards will be available the next business day.  There are no shipping costs on these orders, so get your initial cards now and start re-loading whenever you want.  Please check the shopwithscrip website often, as percentages and prices change constantly and you may miss a great deal.

Earned Rebates Applied

Families who earn rebates from GLScrip and King Soopers' scrip cards will have several rebate options (see the Scrip Program Agreement Form heading below for more details of each option or click the HHHA Scrip Program Agreement Form above).You may run a report on your online account at by clicking Dashboard and scrolling to the bottom and clicking reports and selecting Family Order Rebate Summary Report.  These reports will not show the small shipping costs ($8.50) split between each family who placed an order for plastic cards that are applied for each delivery order, so there will be a small difference between the amount on your report and the credit applied toward your fees.

Scrip Program Agreement Form

HHHA now has a Scrip Program Agreement Form that ALL families must sign. (The Agreement Form is at the top of this page).  The agreement allows you to decide how your rebates are used.  Please make sure you understand each option completely before signing the agreement.  If you have any questions, contact the HHHA Scrip Coordinator.

Here is a brief explanation of each option:

1. Credit to your family hockey account

 a. You may allow your rebates to accumulate in your family account and request a check from the Scrip Coordinator         once you are ready to use the rebates.   See “Cash rebate to you” below on the process.

2. Cash rebate to you

a. Checks will be issued quarterly in February, May, August, and November per request only. 

i. An administrative fee of $1.00 will be deducted from your rebate check for all mailed checks.

ii. If a member loses a rebate check and a new check needs to be issued, there will be administrative bank charges of $35.00 deducted from rebate.

3. Charitable contribution to Hyland Hills Hockey Association or Scholarship Program

a. you can use your rebates to help HHHA hockey programs and/or assist other children to play hockey through our scholarship program.

4. Charitable contribution for a HHHA family

a. This is for friends and family who use GLScrip or King Soopers’ cards to support your family’s hockey expenses.  You may also choose this option if you’d like to help another family in the association.

King Soopers Community Rewards Program

King Soopers benefits will be tied to your King Soopers Loyalty Account (Kroger Account). If you do not already have a loyalty account, you can register for one for free at the time of enrollment for the program.

You will accumulate rebates at the time of purchase when supplying your loyalty card or phone number attached to your loyalty account. You will be able to use your desired form of payment for all purchases and provide your loyalty information to accumulate benefits for that quarter.

Enroll your loyalty card at

To get started setting up your online account; Follow the steps provided and you will supply the following code for Hyland Hills: EQ966.

1. Go to, choose Enroll Now.

2. If you have a King Soopers account, Sign In. If not, choose Create an account. When creating a new account, you will be prompted to created an alternate 10-digit ID (Alt ID) to be used to look up your loyalty account in store. Most people use a phone number for ease of use.

3. Under Find an Organization, type EQ966 in the search field. Hyland Hills Junior Hockey Association should populate your search results.

4. Click Enroll. You're all set!

King Soopers will no longer send HHHA a detailed report of each members/family/friends account accumulation per quarter. This is due to their privacy policy.

To receive credit for your member rebates, please see below:

1. Log in to your King Soopers account during the month following the end of the earning period.

2. Send a print screen, screen shot, or PDF of your earnings for the quarter to - Label your email with your players name. (See Below)

a. If you have family members and/or friends contributing to your Scrip account, they will need to complete this step as well each quarter from their King Soopers loyalty account.

3. You will have until the end of the following month, after the end of the earning period, to submit your King Soopers Earnings Report to

a. If you do not submit your report during the submission deadline, you will not  receive your Kings Soopers rebate for that quarter.

b. There will be no backdating of rebates, at any time, for any reason.

4. An email will be sent out the last week before the end of an earning period with a reminder that your earning report is due and the timeframe of submission.

See below for the Earning Period dates, Submission Due dates, and if you are requesting a check, when checks are going to be distributed.

Earning Period

Your Rebate Report Submission Due

Check Distribution - per request

January 1 - March 31

April 1-30

May 15

April 1 - June 30

July 1-31

August 15

July 1 - September 30

October 1-31

November 15

October 1 - December 31

January 1-31

February 15

Scrip FAQ

Do the funds raised go to my account or to HHHA?
All rebates go to your individual HHHA hockey account. See HHHA Script Program Agreement above for more details.

When are PrestoPay™ family bank accounts debited?
A family who submits an order on and chooses the PrestoPay option will have their account debited at the time of the next billing, normally that same day or the next day. Payments will NOT be delayed until the time that the coordinator submits the PO on

I ordered the wrong thing. Can I return it?
Reloaded gift cards and ScripNow!™ products cannot be returned. If you order plastic gift cards by mistake, it is best to try to find a buyer.

Can I cancel an Order after it is submitted?
If your order contains ScripNow!™ and/or Reload products, those items are delivered electronically directly to the family in just a few minutes. These products cannot be cancelled, and they are not returnable. If you made a mistake in ordering plastic cards, please contact the HHHA Scrip Coordinator immediately.

What is ScripNow!™?
With this option you may purchase e-cards online, print, and use them without waiting for a plastic card.

What is MyScripWallet?
MyScripWallet, ShopWithScrip’s new mobile app, is online.  Forgot to plan ahead?  Now you don’t have to miss out on those rebates.  All ScripNow! retailers are available on your phone.  You can add a shortcut to your Android or iPhone home screen so it launches just like an app.  Click here for link to MyScripWallet information.

What if I have a Starbucks Gold Card and still want my points?
Go to your account at and add your card purchased through Scrip to your profile, or you can also give the cashier both cards. Remember, to get your rebate, you must reload through Scrip.

What if there are others (Grandma/Grandpa etc) who want to help earn money for fees?

Have them sign up for their own account and email the Scrip Coordinator.  They will need to fill out the Scrip Program Agreement Form so we may track them to your account, or you can always buys scrip for them on your account. 

Scrip Documents

Scrip Retailer List - Click Here

2019-2020 - HHHA Scrip Sales Information - Click Here

Scrip Program Agreement Form - Click Here

ALL families/participants must sign the Scrip Program Agreement Form

Any questions or concerns, please contact the HHHA Scrip Coordinator.

Carrie Ingram

Scrip Coordinator