Alcohol and Drugs Policy

“Zero-Tolerance” Alcohol, Drugs and Controlled Substances Policy

Hyland Hills Junior Hockey Association (HHHA) is concerned with the health, safety and well-being of our player(s), parents and coaches who participate in activities and represent Hyland Hills. The use of illegal drugs of any kind, misuse of legal drugs and/or dietary supplements, use of performance-enhancing substances, and/or use of alcohol are inconsistent with the standards put forth by HHHA.

HHHA Member (Minor) Policy: HHHA is a drug free environment and its Board of Directors (BOD) will enforce a zero tolerance policy for the use of alcohol, drugs and/or controlled substances. Participating in any practice, workout, game, function or event under the influence of drugs (illegal or legal), alcoholic beverages, intoxicant or narcotic substances is strictly prohibited and may be subject to disciplinary action. Any player, coach or team representative found using, possessing, buying or receiving illegal drugs, performance-enhancing substances, controlled substances and/or alcohol in the locker rooms, parking lots or other locations during a HHHA sponsored/sanctioned event is strictly forbidden and is in violation of the HHHA Alcohol, Drugs and Controlled Substances Policy and is subject to penalties as described in the HHHA Discipline Policy and Guidelines.

Adult Alcohol Guidelines: In addition to the zero tolerance policy in regards to minors, the HHHA BOD realizes there are certain situations when the responsible use of alcohol by adults is acceptable assuming the implementation of responsible parameters.

1. Alcohol is not appropriate in dressing rooms or in public, non-licensed areas.

2. Use of alcohol during team dinners, team events or hotel stays should be done in a responsible manner.

3. Consumption in buses, cars or vans while traveling to and from team events is strictly prohibited.

4. Entering the arena while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs or controlled substances in prohibited.